MATSUI Offers an Integrated Distribution Service Based on the Aerospace Standards (certified with JIS Q 9100)

JIS Q 9100

[ JIS Q 9100 registration range ]
Storage, distribution, processing, shipment, transportation and design of transportation routes of aerospace equipment, assemblies and parts

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Super Quality
Aerospace Quality
Super quality
Genuine distribution quality attained by the aerospace standards deliver quality products.
MATSUI acquired the JIS Q 9100 certification of quality management system in the aerospace industry before the transportation industry. Based on this, MATSUI pursued its quality management system from every angle in order to achieve the genuine distribution quality.... more
Total logistics
Integrated Distribution System
Total logistics
Developing True Integration Distribution Services in Japan and Overseas MATSUI Does Not Say “NO” to Customer Requested Cargo Distribution
“Transportation” is not only an element of distribution. MATSUI develops integrated distribution services including distributive processing, import/export procedures and others. Thanks to its comprehensive strength beyond the capacities of small- and medium-sized companies, MATSUI .... more
Synergic power
Integration of Manufacture
and Distribution
Synergic power
Integration of manufacture and distribution for offering higher reliability to the supply chain
MATSUI is a member of the Hamamatsu Aero Space Project “SOLAE”. With group power uniting “integrated production” by member companies and “integrated distribution” by MATSUI, higher quality, efficiency and reliability can be offered to the supply chain in the aerospace industry. SOLAE is a group of technical experts in the fields of materials, machining, treatment, .... more

MATSUI, as a comprehensive logistics operator, never gets tired of continuing distribution innovation, while looking ahead to the next 500 years.