MATSUI Offers an Integrated Distribution Service Based on the Aerospace Standards (certified with JIS Q 9100)

Approach to realize the genuine distribution quality

Quality assurance system based on JIS Q 9100 certification

MATSUI acquired JIS Q 9100 certification in storage, distribution, processing, shipment, transportation and design of transportation routes of aerospace equipment, assemblies and parts. Based on this, MATSUI pursued its quality management system from every angle in order to achieve the genuine distribution quality. It also acquired the ISO 9001:2008 standards and the G mark which is granted to enterprises excelling in safety from the Japan Trucking Association, a nationwide cargo truck operations rationalization agency.

Design and development of routes most suited to customer needs

The operational control staff finds the best transportation route by clarifying the time series, analyzing various factors such as seasons and climates compliance

Operation information tracing through drive recorder

A drive recorder mounted on the vehicle and a camera to monitor the driver seat & back are used to record both operation and cargo conditions. Recorded data can be checked and disclosed upon customer request.

Best security protection system to establish reliable distributions

Through use of non-disclosure agreement and providing thorough employee training, information leakage prevention is enhanced. The information control security system is also developed.

Approach to operational safety management

The entire company continues to strive for safe transportation by emphasizing the compliance with related laws and in-house rules, maintenance of health- and safety-oriented operation control, etc. in order to realize the goals of zero traffic accidents, zero industrial accidents and zero property accidents.

Education and training to improve skills & know-how

Lectures by inviting customers as lecturers are held to learn product structures and properties as well as to study packaging, curing, lashing and transporting methods. These are all designed to help us to understand makers’–view-point and way of thinking as well as to acquire further know-how.

Improvement of QMS by encouraging employees through opinion expression

By creating an environment to hear on-site voices and reflecting on them in the quality control system, the quality management system using the bottom-up method is continuously improved and on-site motivation is strengthened.

BCP measures for smooth services in emergency

Installation of emergency power supplies and AEDs, providing emergency first aid training, etc. encourages stable distribution services in case of disasters, accidents and other sudden accidents.

JIS Q 9100マーク

JIS Q 9100

JIS standards for quality management with additional requirements for aviation, space and defense organization Today major aircraft makers require their suppliers to acquire this certification as one of the basic requirements.


ISO 9001

International standards for quality control and quality assurance aiming at customer satisfactions by establishing the quality system within the organization


G mark

A sign of trust given to trucking companies that are highly evaluated in safety This mark is certified and issued by the Japan Trucking Association

MATSUI, as a comprehensive logistics operator, never gets tired of continuing distribution innovation, while looking ahead to the next 500 years.