MATSUI Offers an Integrated Distribution Service Based on the Aerospace Standards (certified with JIS Q 9100)

Logistics chart

Example of Integrated
Distribution Services

Transportation of cargo to and from overseas is available. Shipment of aerospace-related equipment and parts, customs clearance for import/export, services for notification to public offices and others are fully supported. The best planning will be proposed by combining inventory control, pre-shipment inspection and selection of routes (air, sea and surface).

Import procedures

The total process covers on-site pickup, import procedures, devanning, unpacking after devanning, transportation and onside delivery.

Temporary storage and control

MATSUI undertakes temporary storage, warehousing & delivery operation and inventory control. The inventory control is done by Excel spreadsheet software so that data can be exchanged by e-mail with customers.

Picking and packaging

MATSUI undertakes picking of storage products, as well as packaging for domestic and overseas transportation. The most appropriate method for domestic and overseas packaging can be selected from among wooden crate packaging, wooden box packaging, corrugated cardboard packaging, stretch packaging, pallet packaging, etc. to meet customer needs.

Export packaging

For container transportation, storage efficiency is calculated in order to propose reasonable export packaging by combining cargo and transportation method. Fumigation of wooden packaging materials and other quarantine treatments required are possible in accordance with the international standards and regulations of destination countries.

Export procedures

Preparation of export documents, customs clearance, shipping and on-site installation will be arranged in cooperation with customs brokers.

Insurance procedures

MATSUI is experienced in transportation of expensive goods and can make a proposal for an optimal insurance agreement as part of risk management.

Special vehicle arrangement

Special-type vehicles can be arranged and transported depending on the product shape, property, weight, on-site conditions, etc.
NEWS : 2014.09
Scheduled to introduce a vehicle (thermostatic cargo chamber) especially designed for aerospace parts and equipment

Specified worker dispatching

Qualified employees can be dispatched by area contract for yard operations in the customer warehouse and plant.

MATSUI, as a comprehensive logistics operator, never gets tired of continuing distribution innovation, while looking ahead to the next 500 years.